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do you suffer from
any of these chronic symptoms
that MAY even stump your doctor?
difficult digestion, frequent diarrhea or constipation?
skin issues, unattractive splotches, acne, or rashes?
deeply aching joints or throbbing chronic back pain?
dangerous high cholesterol or high blood pressure?
nagging or crushing headaches?

can't sleep, can barely wake up, or simply don't feel well?
stubborn fat bulges no matter what you try?
My personalized Functional Medicine approach focuses
finally finding the underlying causes of your problem
and fixing them for good.


Have you been told
you have

Autoimmune Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease
Cancer or pre-Cancer
Diabetes or pre-Diabetes
Alzheimer's or Dementia


There is a cause,
and there is a solution.


find out if
I Can Help You too

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Dr. Michael Wild
Certified Cellular Healing Specialist

"I have been participating in Dr.Wild’s program for almost a year.  When I first met Dr. Wild I was dealing with joint pain due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic UTI’s, and Depression/Anxiety.  The summer before meeting Dr.Wild, I had hit my breaking point...  

Anne Craven

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