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Most people mistakenly believe that they would finally be healthy

if they could only lose their excess weight,

when in reality...


you must actually get healthy first


to be able to burn fat long-term

and lose weight for good.


This is the purpose of W.O.W.

Dr. Wild's Wellness Oriented Weight lossTM Program.


The W.O.W. program is ideal for those who are at least 20 lbs. above their ideal weight, and especially those suffering from "stubborn fat" who have been unable to lose weight using other weight loss methods.

With W.O.W., we take you and your weight loss journey personally. No two individual's fat loss game plans are ever exactly the same. You are unique, and so are the reasons for your excess fat accumulation.


That being said, each participant in this unique program will go through five specific stages to regain their health & optimize fat loss:


Control Cellular Inflammation

Fix digestive dysfunction


Heal Hormone Imbalances


Fuel Fat-Melting Metabolism


and finally


Watch THE Weight Disappear 


The W.O.W. program includes a comprehensive analysis of

your cellular health, inflammation, & toxicity

and the balance of

your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones.


These include your sugar processing hormones, stress hormones, and sex hormones, as well as your metabolism-controlling hormones and neurotransmitters, also known as your brain hormones. 


Dr. Wild's W.O.W. program uses advanced laboratory testing to determine which of your fat metabolism hormones and metabolism-controlling neurotransmitters are out of sync with your body's optimal fat-burning systems.


Dr. Wild will also determine what your personal ideal

biologically-balanced eating plan

should be to accelerate your fat-burning metabolism

by minimizing hidden hormone stressors in your diet.


Armed with this powerful information,

Dr. Wild can help restore balance to your body using natural methods of Targeted Nutrient Therapy, Orthomolecular eating plans, and minor lifestyle modification methods...


all based on your unique individual biochemistry


as determined by your personal test results.


While the reasons for your excess fat storage may be complex,

the solution is often simple for Dr. Wild to find

once he has determined the true cause.


Through advanced blood, urine, and saliva testing

Dr. Wild will be able to determine what is "broken" in your fat-burning metabolism and exactly what he needs to do to help fix it.


Following the Wellness Oriented Weight lossTM Program

will help you feel good, heal better, and look your best

as fast as is physiologically possible.

This is not a "cookie-cutter"one-size-fits-all program.


This is a customized step-by-step individualized plan to repair

your personal fat-loss weaknesses, and since each person's metabolic response is different, this plan is not based on a set one-size-fits-all time span to reach your total fat loss goals.


Due to the nature of human physiology, however,

we do know that significant re-balancing of your hormones

will require a minimum of 3 months' commitment.


Your personal program begins with the following

advanced fat-burning metabolism tests:


  • a Cellular Health Inflammation & Toxicity Blood Test, which tells Dr. Wild if your cells are able to clearly "hear" your fat-burning hormone commands...and what to do to fix them if they aren't

  • a Gut Health Stool Test to analyze your microbiome balance and determine which exact foods your gut bacteria can digest well, and which ones you should avoid!

  • a Food Sensitivity Blood Test to identify which of your favorite foods (even those you believe to be "healthy") are actually creating inflammation and are sabotaging your weight loss efforts...and exactly which foods you should or should not be eating based on your immune system response 


  • a True Comprehensive Thyroid Blood Test to zero-in on "weak links" in your fat metabolism, including those which may actually be far removed from your Thyroid itself...and how to fix them for optimum fat-burning

  • a Complete Body and Brain Hormone Urine & Saliva Test to evaluate & optimize your fat-burning hormone systems, beginning with your brain signaling systems    and ending with your glands' ability to fully function & follow those commands



Based on your test results

Dr. Wild will craft your

personalized weight loss game plan,

including but not limited to:


  • Targeted Nutrient Therapy using specialized supplementation based on your individual test results to help re-balance any dysfunctional hormones.


  • Orthomolecular dietary shifts to break your Personal Inflammation Cycle

  • BioHacking tools to help maximize your fat loss efforts in minimum time, including the use of full-body Advanced Red Light Therapy (at home or in-office) within a specific wavelength spectrum proven to literally "melt" your fat


  • Dr. Wild's cutting-edge Complete Cellular Detoxification Protocol to help your lymphatic system collect all that melted fat and flush it out of your body, for good.


While the W.O.W. program does require

a minimum 3-month period to reset your fat metabolism systems,

continued program participation if desired is made available

on a month-by-month basis

until your ideal weight goal is met.


Please be aware that the W.O.W. Program

may not be appropriate for every person requesting to participate.

For this reason, Dr. Wild chooses to only accept and work with

those people who are most likely to get the best results

from this specialized program.


Dr. Wild asks that you please first


Book a

Free discovery Call

by clicking the

button below


to discuss your weight loss goals

and determine if you're a good candidate. 


Are you ready to finally fix your

fat-burning metabolism

and get fit forever?


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