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Our Patients Share their Experience


I have been participating in Dr.Wild’s program for almost a year.  When I first met Dr. Wild I was dealing with joint pain due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic UTI’s, and Depression/Anxiety. 


The summer before meeting Dr.Wild, I had hit my breaking point.  I had been dealing with some very high stress situations in my personal life that I feel triggered my health issues.  I had lost my mom very suddenly, in January of 2012.  At the time, I was dealing with my son’s active drug/alcohol addiction.  My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in July of 2013, and my sister was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2014. 


I realize during this time that my joints often hurt, especially in my hands, but figured it was because of the hard workouts I had begun to do. I was taking Ibuprofen every day to help the pain.  My nights were restless, and I never was able to lie in bed in the morning because my body was too uncomfortable.  My brain tended to race, and I became very vulnerable to outside influences, that in the end did great damage to those around me and myself.  I began having chronic UTI’s in the spring of 2014 and found myself on antibiotics more often than not.


In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with RA.  The Rheumatologist initially wanted to put me on a medication that could possible cause retinal damage.  This was not an option for me, since I have a rare progressive retinal disease.  The next option was Methotrexate.  I did not want to take this, due to the high incidence of cancer in my family.  I was determined to find an alternative, although I was told that RA is a beast of a disease that will not respond to other alternative treatments.


I began regular massages, acupuncture and following an anti inflammatory diet based on the book Wahl’s Protocol.  I felt like I had temporary relief, but  my symptoms persisted.   In July of 2015 I crashed and ended up on an anti depressant/anti anxiety medication.  This is something I never thought would happen to me.  I had always been anti medication, but I was scared of where my thoughts had taken me.  Although the medication allowed me to think clearly again, it made me very sick initially, and I felt a little numbed when it came to my emotions. 


Since meeting Dr. Wild and beginning his program I have been able to go off my anti depressant, and no longer have UTI’s.  I have not needed an antibiotic, or needed Ibuprofen for 11 months. I also realize as I write this that I have not had sudden cramping in my legs at night, or numbing feelings in my feet. More recently I am experiencing no swelling or joint pain in my hands, and have significant relief in the rest of my body. A few weeks ago I was doing yard work for several hours, which always took a toll on my hands.  I realized sometime the next day that my hands did not hurt at all.  I also realized that I can lay in bed on a Saturday morning without my body being uncomfortable, and feel I’m better equipped to deal with high stress situations.


I have learned so much from Dr.Wild about cellular health, and how it affects every system in your body. This past year has been a learning process that has ultimately led to lifestyle changes that have greatly improved my life. I admit that the process has not always been easy, but well worth it. Dr. Wild has had GREAT patience, and is very passionate about what he does. 


I plan to continue this process until I reach my ultimate goal of reducing my cellular inflammation to a level that will allow me to maintain the positive changes that have been made in my body, reach my desired weight, and protect me from other debilitating health conditions.


I am so thankful that I crossed paths with Dr. Wild and was able to participate in his program. I am constantly wanting to learn more, so that I can take control of my own health, and continue to share with others!          - Anne Craven


Janet's story

Dr. Wild is an awesome doctor who cares about his patients and restoring and maintaining their health. I have been sick most of my life, struggling with severe back pain, weak immune system, and autoimmune diseases including Graves Disease, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, and arthritis. I met Dr. Wild over 3 years ago and under his care my life has changed and improved dramatically.


His whole person approach toward health with chiropractic, supplementation, natural remedies like cellular detox, advanced testing, and dietary coaching have reversed the effects of these diseases.


I thank God every day that he blessed me with a doctor who cares so much about his patients and who wants to create an environment where their body can heal itself as God intended.          -Janet Weigand





Dr. Wild provides incredible expertise on the human body, how we function and an amazing program and coaching on how to reverse the damage we have accumulated and done to ourselves over our lives. I've learned so much about cellular health, where the fatigue, the joint and muscle pain, and the GI upset were coming from and now I am healing after being told for a few years that I was "perfectly healthy according to my lab numbers" from my traditional doctors.


I'm so relieved I found him and now my whole family is getting healthy. Even my kids LOVE going to see him for their (functional medicine) check-ins and spinal adjustments. Incredible experience all around and I highly recommend anyone who is tired of being told you are "fine", and anyone who is tired of feeling tired or sick, get to Dr. Wild ASAP!          - Tasha Skillin

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