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Dr. wild's
cellular healing cyclE
save your cells and you save

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As a Chiropractic Physician & Functional Medicine Practitioner

certified in Cellular Inflammation and Detoxification protocols,

Dr. Wild has identified an extremely common

yet often missed

underlying condition

which leads to the development of

most whole-body illnesses.


Chronic Cellular Dysfunction

is a scientifically-proven fundamental cause

of most whole-body health dysfunction

and is at the very core of

the chronic inflammation processes responsible for

the development of


America's top 5 killers:




(heart attack and stroke)





(of all types)






(including Hypothyroidism)



If you have already been diagnosed

with one of these chronic inflammatory conditions




you have been warned

that you are in the early stages of developing them,

such as





Metabolic Syndrome/Syndrome X

high blood pressure

excess fat around your waist

high blood sugar

high cholesterol




Early-onset Memory Loss/Dementia


this program is exactly what you need.


Dr. Wild has created a unique healing protocol involving

six specific steps to help sick dysfunctional cells get well,

ultimately leading to the effective healing of

glands, organs, systems, and the body and brain as a whole.


These six specific steps are each necessary to address

a different unique aspect of cellular dysfunction,

and each must be effectively completed

to enable long-term healing of your brain and body.


Dr. Wild's

six specific steps

designed to

restore your cellular function


enhance your body & brain health




optimize your immune system


are collectively known as


Dr. Wild's

Cellular Healing CycleTM 

  • The 6 steps of Dr. Wild's Cellular Healing Cycle must be applied from an individual perspective according to your personal health challenges and unique biological needs. Failing to complete each step sufficiently before moving on to the next is destined to lead to disappointment and continued cellular, brain, and whole-body dysfunction...resulting in continued symptoms and sickness.


  • Since no two people are exactly alike, this is not a "cookie-cutter" process. Each person's biology and genetics are unique, and therefore, so is Dr. Wild's game plan for you and your particular health challenge. Under Dr. Wild's guidance, no two people will ever have the exact same treatment protocol. Each person's game plan is designed to accelerate their personal healing process. 


  • You must take the time needed to allow your cells to heal fully if you expect your whole body to heal fully. This cycle requires a minimum of 6 months but may require more time to complete, depending on your degree of dysfunction and disease. Your health problems didn't begin overnight...the longer you have had your illness, the longer it may take to heal and repair. However, throughout your personal Cellular Healing CycleTM program, Dr. Wild will continually monitor your cellular healing progress and adapt your corrective game plan using all of the advanced Functional Medicine and BioHacking tools at his disposal to guide you to optimal cellular, brain, and whole-body health as fast as possible.


Why not start

healing and feeling better

as soon as possible?

Book a

Free discovery call


to see if


Dr. Wild's

Cellular Healing CycleTM


is right for you

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