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my personal story










well, as cliche' as it may sound...



read on to understand why.


In October 2001, just after 9/11 shook the globe,

my own family's world was literally rocked

harder than I could ever imagine.


Our lives were turned completely upside down

and painfully

twisted inside-out.


This was the month when my wife Linda

...the love of my life for 30 years...

was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She underwent surgery to remove the lump,

and endured 6 long weeks

of daily radiation therapy.


She "ate right" and exercised,

tried her best to sleep well

and not let the stresses of life

create unnecessary worry,

and never missed a follow-up mammogram.


And after 5 years without re-occurrence

we were lead to believe

she was finally in the clear.


She was assured that she had

"nothing to worry about"

any longer.


After 5 more years


we learned the truth...


the cancer was back.


And this time

something was different.


After 8 mentally-tortuous weeks of testing,

a diagnosis was finally confirmed.

A biopsy revealed that it was

not actually breast cancer at all

this time around

but rather a rare

extremely aggressive cancer

called Angio-Sarcoma,

a cancer found in blood vessel walls.

A new cancer which would rapidly spread

anywhere in Linda's body

where a blood vessel was found.


A cancer determined

to actually have been caused as a


of the radiation treatments

she had received 10 years prior

for the breast cancer.


Soon after diagnosis

she was given her prognosis...

a "death sentence" of

just 3 months to live

by the top doctors in the field.


Six months

"if she was lucky"

they said.


They just stood there and simply stated

that there was absolutely nothing

that traditional medicine could do.


They told us she should just go home,

get her affairs in order,

and kiss our children goodbye.



I wasn't willing to accept the doctor's


and neither was Linda.


She was ready to fight.


She was ready to do whatever it would take

to get her health and life back...

Wouldn't you?

My mind started to reel...


where would she start?


what could I do for her?


how could I possibly help as fast as possible?


I knew an answer to those questions had to exist,

and I had to find them.


As a result I began to intensely study the little-understood

root causes behind the development of cellular diseases

like cancer,

so that I could try my best to stop

and even reverse them.


I desperately do anything I could

to improve her quantity and quality of life,

as well as share this knowledge with others.


This is when I discovered the term


Functional Medicine


which simply means


healthcare designed to

search for root causes...


to heal your systems,

not just treat your symptoms.

To treat the person who has a disease,

and not the disease that has the person.

I had found my answer

This is when I discovered that

a common confusion of our inflammatory response

is responsible at some level for all types of cancer

 and not just Angio-Sarcoma,

like Linda had.


I already knew that inflammation is a normal part

of the body's immune response,

and when working right,

is necessary for our very survival.


In fact, infections, wounds, and any damage to tissue

would not be able to heal without an

acute or short-term inflammatory response.


However, what I learned was

the typical American diet & stressful lifestyle

as well as exposure to a multitude of

toxins in our air, food, and water

leads to the development of a very different kind of

inflammatory response...


a confused immune response.


Instead of healing your sick or injured cells,

this immune system confusion creates a continued

long-term low-level abnormal immune response.


One which doesn't shut off once the immediate threat is gone.


One which will eventually

damage your cells

and can cause several diseases and conditions


This condition is called

Chronic Inflammation


and it's the very same hidden culprit

which science revealed nearly 20 years ago

to be the root cause of

most of all chronic disease which is silently killing us.


As it turns out,

this long-term or chronic inflammation is the underlying link

behind the most common conditions suffered in America:

heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders,

lung disease, Alzheimer's and dementia, obesity,

and even the dreaded

"Big C"...cancer


Which begs the obvious question...


when is the last time you had

your cellular inflammation levels

checked to see if they're related to

your health problems?


I wish to God

that I knew then

what I know now


No one ever thought to check Linda's

cellular inflammation levels back then,

not even me.

And it's still not part of a normal medical evaluation

even now, 20 years after it's discovery.


her cellular inflammation continued

to rage violently out of control

until reaching a point

where her body could no longer stand it.

Thank God that

even with the limited knowledge I had back then

I was still able to help her

add significant quality and quantity to her life.

Following the unique protocols I created to help her


Linda lived a full 3 1/2 years

after her original prognosis

of just 3 months.


Linda was finally lost to this cancer


October 1, 2014.

She was only 46 years old

when she died.


Of course,

as you would imagine,

I was truly devastated when I finally lost her.



I also appreciated that this extra time I had with her...


18x more time than the doctors expected


was precious time that would not have been possible

had we just thrown up our hands

as her traditionally-thinking doctors did.


In her final moments,

I made her a solemn promise.


I swore that I would not let her suffering and death

simply be another notch in cancer's belt.



her harrowing experience would be the catalyst for

a significant redirection in my life and practice.


Linda inspired me to change not only my own life

but the lives of all those I could reach

who were willing to make changes of their own.


This is my passion.


This is my Purpose.


This is the all important "why" behind my decision to

practice Functional Medicine



click here for videos 

to watch

Dr. Wild share more about

finding his true Purpose



what do you need to change?


not some day


not tomorrow


but right now


to get your health back?


to get your life back? 











After witnessing the utter horror

of what Linda experienced due to


severe cellular damage

I swore that I would never, ever, let that happen again

to another person I cared for.


A decision which changed my life forever.


I dedicated myself

to become a



Cellular Healing specialist

so that I could help you


your cells

and finally

change your life

for the better



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