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If you're like most of the people who seek out my services,
you want to live a long vibrant life, free from pain and disease.
You think you're doing the things you're supposed to
in order to stay healthy...
eating right, exercising, trying to get good sleep,
and maybe even taking supplements...
but you simply still don't feel your best
or even worse,
you often feel ill.
What exactly could you be
or should you be
doing differently
for your specific body? 
The solution is not a simple one-size-fits-all eating plan
or a handful of vitamins and minerals that "everyone is taking".
You are an individual,
with individual lifestyle, diet, and nutrient needs
which are specific to
your body
for optimal health.
In short, the real answer
to achieve your best level of health
begins with
a personalized approach
tailored to your individual
unique biochemistry and genetics.

In the past, people used to wait until

the first signs of a symptom to go to the doctor.


People today are smarter, wiser, and more aware.


They are looking for a way to not only

achieve a high level of wellness focused on prevention,

but to also manage their health using

a safe, natural, restorative approach

for times when illness has already gotten a firm grip.


This restorative approach has become my forte',

not by choice but by necessity,

in response to the pain and illness produced by

living in our stressed and toxic world.


It's well known that nutrition and supplementation play a key role in controlling chronic inflammation for optimal wellness,

for chronic disease prevention, and for managing the aging process.

However, just eating a "balanced" diet, exercising, and

taking a general multivitamin is simply not enough.


There is a better way.


Much better.

Due to the complexity of the human body,

an individualized healthcare approach

is the only way

to guarantee optimal results.


Each person's body is unique in its own way.


You need to discover exactly what's causing

your personal cellular dysfunction,


what your body's particular nutritional needs are,


and finally address them through


a personalized

individual eating plan










healthy lifestyle

support system


all based on

your own unique biochemistry and genetic profile.

Through an in-depth health history

combined with a few advanced laboratory tests,

I can evaluate and determine:

  • your personal level of cellular & overall whole-body inflammation and your individual degree of "cardiometabolic dysfunction", including your relative risk of developing and dying from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune dysfunction, Alzheimer's, and yes...even cancer.

  • which specific foods you as an individual should eat or avoid to help control your cellular and whole-body inflammation and lower your cardiometabolic risk, based on your personal health history and blood work. No two people's eating plans will ever be the same


  • which specific nutrients are deficient in your cells and exactly how to replenish them for optimal cellular health, including their impact on your overall immune system health


  • which of your particular bodily systems are dysfunctional, and exactly which personal anti-inflammatory eating plan, Targeted  Nutrient Therapy, & lifestyle combinations are necessary to help you fix this




you can finally feel well

and heal well again.

Please be aware that I focus intently

on achieving exemplary results for each of my clients.

For this reason, I choose to only work with

a limited number of people each month

and I accept only those individuals

who are most likely to get the best results

from my specialized programs.


a free brief

phone consult


to determine if you're a good candidate

for one of my unique cellular healing programs

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